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luis adriano

Tecnico Ingeneria Minera

Mr. Adriano studied the metallurgical processing of polymetallic ores and later specialized in drilling. His drilling experience encompasses various aspects of hard rock mining methods including open pit and underground. Mr. Adriano has an extensive background in exploration and production drilling and has utilized various methods and drilling techniques under the most challenging physical conditions. His experience includes the use of percussion blast hole, diamond core, and tricone drilling methods. During his work in exploration, Mr. Adriano has successfully used various types of specialty drill methods for the recovery of hard rock, surficial clay and oriented core samples. In addition to drill rig operation, Mr. Adriano is experienced with the operation of various pieces of heavy machinery. Most recently, Mr. Adriano has used his diverse background to successfully conduct packer testing using air and hydraulic packer systems and has overseen a variety of data collection duties in the field. He is an expert in surface flow measurement and field testing of geochemical experiments. He also has experience in piezometer installation.


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