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Larry breckenridge, P.E.

principal environmental engineer


Mr. Breckenridge is an environmental engineer who has over 20 years of experience in mine water engineering.  His diverse experience includes:

  • Geochemistry:  Specializing in acid rock drainage (ARD) characterization, management, treatment, and prevention;

  • Dewatering:  Specializing in open pit and underground dewatering prediction, and the impacts it has on local and regional water resources

  • Mine water supply:  Specializing in finding groundwater supplies for mining operations in fractured-rock hydrogeologic environments

  • Environmental characterization:  Specializing in designing programs to adequately and affordably characterize the baseline enviorment prior to mining, as well as the future potential mining environmental conditions. 

  • Environmental Impact Assessments:  Specializing in the evaluation of mine water impact assessments focusing on the changes in quantity and quality of water resulting from mining operations

  • Water management:  Specializing in surface water control, flood management, and erosion and sediment control around mining sites.  

  • Environmental management:  hazardous material control, mine environmental management plans, monitoring plans, and the management of regulatory agencies.

Some projects include designing an ARD characterization and management plan for the Amulsar project in Armenia, simulating the leakage potential of a tailings facility in Guatemala, predicting the water quality of waste rock dump leachate and pit lake water quality for a mine in Venezuela, and discovering a water supply for a mine in the deserts of Sonora Mexico, and writing a comprehensive closure plan for a mine in Peru. 

Mr. Breckenridge has published over 10 peer-reviewed papers on hard-rock mine water management.  He has a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, and a Bachelor’s in the same from Dartmouth College. 

Mr. Breckenridge has worked throughout the world and is fluent in English and Spanish.   He is a registered professional engineer in Colorado and New Hampshire, and he is a qualified person under NI 43-101.


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