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Corani Project

Bear Creek Mining Corp., Peru

GRE has been involved in the Corani Project since 2011 initially completing the mine water characterization, pit dewatering, and tailings facility design for the first feasibility study.  Since that time, our scope has grown to include the resource estimate, mining, metallurgy, and geometallurgical model for several updates to the feasibility study and an optimization study. In 2011, managed a feasibility level field program and assisted with the preliminary design for the mine tailings storage facility, waste rock dumps, and mine pit dewatering program.  Field program included oriented core drilling, packer testing, aquifer testing, test pitting, and standard penetration tests.  In 2012, assisted with the bankable feasibility study level design for the tailings storage facility, waste rock dumps, water storage, and ancillary facilities.  Project manager for in-country technical personnel.  Also assisted extensively in the preparation of the environmental and social impact study.  In 2013, assisted extensively in the preparation of the environmental and social impact study by writing original technical documents to substantiate the mine development and mitigation programs.  Also completed the bulk of the Spanish translation of those documents.  The final ESIA was approved by the Peruvian government in Nov 2013.  In 2014, created a multi-scenario deterministic economic model to complete a whole project optimization stud.  The model evaluated trade-offs for the tailings disposal, plant primary crushing system, waste dump locations, mining sequence, cut off grade, mining equipment fleet, varying pit limits, and process plant locations resulting in an initial CAPEX savings of $66M and an increase in NPV5 of $47M.  In 2015, assisted with the updated feasibility study, this time responsible for the resource calculation, mine design, mine scheduling, co-disposal tailings and waste rock design, and geometallurgical model.  In 2016 and 2017, assisted in country engineering groups with the Front End Engineering Design (FEED).

marlin gold project

montana Exploradora (Goldcorp), Guatemala

Provided onsite design support and contract management during the construction of the tailings facility, associated crushing facility, and steel works; and managed the survey and laboratory QA/QC personnel.  Reviewed and approved contractor payment requests, completed numerous change orders and concurrent justifications, assisted in the preparation of the as-built drawings, prepared up to date expenditure and variance reports, directed the contractor in the field through work directives, reviewed the completed work to ensure adherence to design specifications, reviewed numerous lab reports verifying the quality of construction materials, and completed a quarry design for the rock borrow.  For the subsequent phases of construction, completed detailed construction sequences, calculated placement quantities and prepared cost estimations based on those quantities.  Completed the construction of both phases in the time allowed overcoming numerous material shortages and production challenges.  The contracts for both phases were closed $US 1.2M under final budget.

escobal project

tahoe resources, guatemala

GRE completed a groundwater characterization study, including the installation of a monitoring well network, packer tests of boreholes, and multiple-well aquifer tests. GRE created groundwater models to assess the effects of underground mine dewatering on local and regional water sources. The results of the study were included in the ESIA for the Escobal Project.

santa elena mine

silver crest mines, mexico

Conducted several environmental audits of the operating facility.  Performed key studies in support of mine development and mine permitting including a water supply study that discovered a clean, abundant water supply close to the mine. This discovery saved the project the necessity of installing a 13-kilometer water line. Conducted a geochemical study that quantified and mitigated acid-rock drainage (ARD) risk. Created a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan and taught on-site personnel how to perform routine environmental monitoring. Assisted with the groundwater model design for the pit dewatering requirement.  Also completed the technical translation of the final report from English to Spanish.

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