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Hydrology, Hydraulics &

Water Resources

Water management is often a mine’s single greatest technical, permitting, and social challenge. Recognizing this fundamental need, GRE has taken pains to master all aspects of mine water management. We assist projects world-wide not only in the cost-effective exploitation of water resources, but also in the protection of those resources from the impacts of mining.


GRE has found mine water sources in fractured-rock aquifers for mines in arid regions, and has helped mines manage excess water in regions with heavy rainfall or snowmelt. We predict pit dewatering and underground mine dewatering needs, and work to incorporate pit dewatering and slope stability together in an integrated pit optimization package to minimize mine waste. GRE also conducts geochemical characterization for Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) from all types of mine waste and predicts the impacts ARD may have on water quality. Through our teaming partners, we offer innovative solutions for ARD treatment, including passive treatment systems and sulfate-reducing bioreactors.


GRE’s studies are usually incorporated into NI 43-101 Technical Reports or in Environmental Impact Assessments. Often, GRE continues to final design and installation of water management infrastructure. Over the years, we have saved our clients millions of dollars in water management and treatment costs while meeting or exceeding the requirements of local laws and international guidelines.


Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Water Resource services include:

  • Piping and Pumping Systems

  • Surface Water Management Plans

  • Channels, Ditches, and Diversions

  • Sediment Detention Structures

  • Weirs and Flumes

  • Stilling Basins and Energy Dissipation Structures

  • Dambreak and Floodplain Studies

  • Channel Restoration

  • Stream Gauging Stations

  • Meteorological Stations

  • Site Climatology

  • Site Hydrology and Hydrogeology Studies

  • Pit Dewatering

  • Groundwater Modeling for Mine Impacts

  • Groundwater Supply Development

  • Water Balance Studies

  • Monitoring Well Design and Installation

  • Vibrating Wire Piezometer Design and Installation


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