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GRE writes reports from scoping level to definitive feasibility which are often prepared or summarized as a “Technical Report” in a format suitable for public disclosure on US or international stock exchanges. In particular, GRE writes and signs reports governed under NI 43-101 in Canada. GRE conducts resource estimates, scoping studies and pre-feasibility level studies in house. GRE is often responsible for geology, resource, reserve, mining, geotechnical, environmental, and hydrology portions of definitive feasibility studies.  


Our approach to trade-off and optimization studies often covers many dependent and independent aspects of a project simultaneously.  We evaluate many scenarios which might include varying the production rate, varying the processed portion of the resource or reserve, changing the cutoff grade and strip ratio, changing open pit and underground mining scenarios and cost structures, evaluating different cash flow models, utilizing stockpiles. This is all performed in the context of a detailed analysis of commodity price impacts. 


GRE also conducts due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, mineral property appraisals, eminent domain, and tax and litigation support.  GRE’s certified mineral appraiser and support staff can help determine the property value. We use highest and best use, future cash flow, and comparable sales methods in our analysis.


Studies services include:

  • Trade-off studies

  • Optimization Studies

  • Scoping Studies

  • Preliminary Economic Assessments

  • Prefeasibility Studies

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Technical Reports (NI 43-101, Guide 7, JORC)

  • Mineral Property Appraisals

  • Reclamation Bond Calculation

  • Due Diligence


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