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Dave ludwick, P.e.

civil Engineer and Project Manager

Dave has 11 years of experience as a Civil and Water Resources engineer in the mining industry and has served in various capacities since then in support of environmental design and management throughout the U.S., Latin America, and Asia including: groundwater flow and aquifer characterization, collection and analysis of climate data, surface water management, underground dewatering modeling, and closure and reclamation design. In addition, his technical expertise includes planning and executing groundwater site investigations, groundwater and seepage modeling, surface water assessment and management, ARD characterization and management, and design and construction of civil earthworks. Mr. Ludwick is also experienced in the design and layout of mine facilities such as heap leach pads, waste rock dumps, haul roads, and environmental monitoring and instrumentation. Mr. Ludwick received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from California State University with an emphasis on wastewater treatment in Latin America. Mr. Ludwick later completed his M.S. in Environmental and Civil engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, focusing his efforts there on waste water treatment and mine waste management.


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